SUMMARY: IP Multicast on FDDI

Date: Sat Aug 30 1997 - 19:35:10 CDT

My original posting on June 19, 1997:

 We have Sun Sparcs running Solaris 2.5.1 and an application called
 Orbix by Iona using IP multicast. Orbix runs well on the Ethernet
 segment but not on FDDI.
 On an FDDI connected machine, an Orbix process only recognizes
 IP multicast packets whose source is the machine itself. For example,
 if processes on machine A join group IP, they will
 recognize the packets sent by machine A destined to
 and ignore packets to from other machines. Snoop
 on machine A shows all the packets on the ring.
 These machines have Cisco FDDI SBus cards with the driver version 3.2.

Many thanks to "Aggelos P. Varvitsiotis" <>
who advised that he solved the same problem by reverting to an
old version of the driver software.

I finally installed an FDDI card from Interphase (which bought Cisco
FDDI card business) with the newest HW Rev 3.5, Main FW Rev 4.2,
Boot FW Rev 3.0, and Driver Rev 3.301 and everything works well.


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