How to run a recovery shell? - Summary

From: Ju-Lien Lim (
Date: Fri Aug 29 1997 - 15:18:11 CDT

>My original question was how one goes about running a recovery shell on
>It's not a problem with HP-UX or AIX where it's on the Installation CD. How
>would one do that on a Sun?

My thanks to the following people who suggested the following:
>Benjamin Cline
>Matthew Stier
>Alejandro Lopez-Valencia
>Ric Anderson
Stephen Harris
>Bill Leonard
David Robson
Glenn Satchell
Dave Mitchell

Try the following:
>(1) The installation CD doubles as the field disc. Jump into BootProm,
>reboot especifying the device where your cd-rom drive is installed,
>quit the installation program and you are left in the recovery shell.
>(2) use "boot cdrom -s" to boot into a single user mode shell...

>(3) ok> boot cdrom -sw
>will boot from the install media single user, and give you a shell prompt.
>From there you can pretty much do whatever you need to.

(4) It is much the same with sun ... boot off the cdrom and before you
>do any work use the right mouse button to choose (Solaris 2.5) a shell
to work in. There is an /a file system that is actually your boot drive
>if available. You can run a recovery from the utilities on cdrom.

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