SUMMARY: zs silo buffers and ppp

From: Mark Inaba (
Date: Thu Aug 28 1997 - 15:12:38 CDT

        thanks to the following:

Glenn Satchell
john heasley
Ed Romascan
Bismark Espinoza

possible solutions:

make sure that hardware flow control is enabled:
/etc/uucp/Systems or Dialers
hayes32 =,-, "" \dA\pT\r\c OK\r \EATDT\T\r\c CONNECT STTY=crtscts

buy a fast serial/parallel board at ($275)

find patches for ppp
(i did but apparently i don't have the ppp packages.)

I did find something else..when i didn't run openwindows
and just one user (root) on console. my 23 meg ftp went
ok. so apparently it's very sensitive to CPU? i might
try experimenting with renicing down ppp processes..


------original posting--------------------------------------
        Hi all you ppp or serial line tinkerers:
I'm trying to get a modem on a sparc to run ppp
but things gag on large ftp transfers after a meg or so.
i have some clues and i'm following some paths, possibly
wrong ones, so if someone sees how to set me right, please
i have a 56l modem but it gives me a connect at 28800 (which
is fine, i don't think i'm attaching to a 56k termserver).
someone said they think baudrate should be no higher than
38400 for 14400 and 57600 for 33/28k.
i'm a bit confused because i see baufrate settings in
/etc/uucp/Devices (PPP cua/b - 38400 hayes)
/etc/ttydefs (I didn't see an entry for 57600, so i added one.....)
when i try to define across the board a cu/b at 57600 my modem
won't work. does sun only support up to 38400 between box and modem?
I noticed termio has flags that go up to 460800 baud!
i've played with small and large frame sizes in /etc/remote
no noticeable difference at all.
i've tried different lcp_mru setting in /etc/, same problem
man zs just says: zsn: silo overflow.
          The 8530 character input silo overflowed before it
          could be serviced.
can i alter this? (i think 8530 is the name and not the size of the tricky!)
how do i change my buffersize? is this even the same buffer that causes
me problems? it's an ultra, i'd like to think that it'd take more
than a 28k connection to flood it!

        Oh! i don't always get a zs silo error whe
my ftp freezes, sometimes i get no errors in messages but
i get:
1) ppp just stops for a long time..and eventually starts again..connnection
is continuously up...but long enough to kill sessions (common)
2) ftp just stops, but ppp is still going and i can ping (rarer)
i'm not sure if the problem is with ppp (though why problem 2)
or just ftp? (though why problem 1) or the basic serial comm
(though why problem 2) :)

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