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From: Jay A. Cohen (
Date: Thu Aug 28 1997 - 11:18:56 CDT

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I need information and hopefully someone out there will be able to help.

I have 4 different UNIX boxes and about 10 NT Servers. Being the UNIX guy I want to start NIS on one of my UNIX boxes (Sun) but my boss was wondering if NT can support NIS. I have never setup NIS so I don't know if NIS will work on NT or not. Can anyone tell me what they are doing???

Jay A. Cohen
Paragren Technologies, Inc.
Reston, Virginia

Special Thanks to the following Replies

Birger A. Wathne[SMTP:birger@Vest.Skrivervik.No]
Paquette, Trevor[]
Joel Lee[]
Mike Frisch[][]
Benjamin Cline[]

For an overwhelming NO this cannot be done at this time because of Bill Gates Illusions of World Domination and keeping NT proprietary.

And an EVEN bigger thanks to:

Rodney C. Marable[]

For telling me my boss should be shot for suggesting such a thing

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