SUMMARY: Solaris package "extract" without removing: possible?

From: Kinter, Thomas M. (
Date: Thu Aug 28 1997 - 10:28:48 CDT


> Is it possible to easily "extract" a package from a system, not remove
> it, in a form that it can be used for pkgadd to install it on another
> system? I want to install a package that is already on one system, but
> it is not convenient to get the cdrom to install it on another system.

It looks like I'll have to tinker with the spool concept next time I add a
package. If the package has already been installed, then forget it. Below
are the replies. Thanks much to all!
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  For this you realy require the original package map file. This is not
saved in /var/sadm/pkg when a package is installed. If you know the
full list of files for the package you could create your own map and
use the pkginfo and pre/post-install scripts saved in /var/sadm/pkg to
regenerate the package. Non-trivial!
  I doubt it. I have created the tools and procedures to package my
customer's product using the same package mechanism. I believe some of
the package specific data is not actually present on the system after
it has been installed.
  For future reference, you can do a pkgadd I think with -s to spool the
new packages, and they get stored in /var/spool/pkg. Then, you can
copy that tree to another machine, and do a pkgadd.
  Perhaps "pkgtrans" is what you want? pkgtrans takes a package
(defaults to /var/spool/pkg) and spools it into a stream (ascii
textfile) to a device, such as /tmp or /dev/dat.

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