SUMMARY: HP JetAdmin and LP Commands

From: Rodney C. Marable (
Date: Tue Aug 26 1997 - 15:49:22 CDT

My original questions:


> I am having a problem adding the HP JetAdmin package to a SPARC-10
> similar to that which Robin Winslett experienced a few months ago.
> /var/tmp/dstreAAAa002e6/HPNP/install/request:
> /var/tmp/dstreAAAa002e6/HPNP/install/request: cannot open
> pkgadd: ERROR: request script did not complete successfully
> Installation of <HPNP> failed.
> No changes were made to the system.
> I've gone through his summary, but I don't think that I'm having the
> same problem as him (the package was installing with an improper UID).
> Mine appears to (attempt, at least) install as root.
> -rw-r--r--   1 root     other          0 Aug 14 15:29 dstreAAAa0050v
> I've checked permissions of /var, /tmp, and /var/tmp .  They're all
> okay.
> There are no lock files living in /var/sadm/install or /var/sadm/pkg .
> Truss output returns an error when referring to this file (which isn't
> present); could this be contributing? 
> /usr/platform/SUNW,SPARCstation-10/lib/
> HP has been absolutely no help.  Your thoughts would be greatly
> appreciated.

Rodney C. Marable wrote:

Q2 -- > Has anyone out there been successful getting HP printers with JetAdmin > print servers to function properly using the lp commands rather than the > BSD-style commands? The documentation I've been able to lay my hands on > ("HP JetDirect Print Server) is not too clear on this.

For some reason, HP's documentation does not seem to cover configuring a JetDirect-enabled printer to operate under lp commands. In a nutshell, here's what you need to do to get a down-and-dirty version running:

First, make sure that your printers are ALREADY configured with an IP number and hostname before you even bother with the package. If you are running DNS, make sure that the IP number you've assigned to the printer has an A and PTR records. If you are not, make sure that the printer exists in the host file of the print server and any clients that you plan on configuring.

Obtain the latest package (sol_pkgadd.d0315) via binary FTP (beware, as many browsers perform ASCII file transfers by default) and stick it in /tmp .

Unpack and install the package as root. If you have a user named install, disable it or the package won't install. If you have a user named install and you are running NIS, disable the user and turn off NIS; again, the package will not install properly if you don't.

# cd /tmp # pkgadd -d sol_pkgadd.d0315

Once the package has installed itself, change to the directory where the jetadmin executable lives.

# cd /opt/hpnp # ./jetadmin

The admin software itself is pretty straightforward. Once you create your queues and verify that the print scheduler is running (lpshced), use admintool on each client to add remote access to the printer you've configured. It should work out of the box, but make sure you understand how the lp print system works in case you have to tweak something.

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