SUMMARY: Apple Laser problem

Date: Mon Aug 25 1997 - 11:57:41 CDT

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I am having trouble printing from a SunOS 4.1.3 system to a remote printer:
Apple LaserWriter 12/640

The printer has an IP address and I can ping it (APPLE_LW4472ff). When I
send it a job I see it clear the queue and I see the recieve light flash
on the printer. But nothing prints. I know the printer works because I can
print to it a variety of other ways. I used add_np_printer to create the
printcap entry:

PostScript|PostScript, a PostScript printer printer:\

I called Apple to no avail. Has anyone done this do you have any ideas?



The answer was simple and pointed out to me by Michael Hill. The file was
not being converted to Postscript properly. I printed it using the Newsprint
enscript command and everything works.


I could be wrong, but what this sounds like to me is a problem with the
job. Are you sending a PostScript file (or, if it's text, do you have
the filter in place to make sure that all text jobs get translated into
PS before being sent to the printer)? Unlike other PS printers, Apple
LaserWriters are incapable of printing non-PS jobs. I don't know if
you can enable printing of PostScript errors on the printer, but if you
can, it might show if this is indeed the problem.


Michael Hill

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Glenn Satchell
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