SUMMARY:CRON terminates

From: Mahtani Jeetandra Gopal (
Date: Fri Aug 22 1997 - 11:22:33 CDT

Original Question :
    I seem to be having a problem with the
CRON. When the system is booting it displays the following message : >
cron aborted : can't change directory to the crontab directory > ! can't
change directory to the crontab directory > ! *********CRON
aborted************ Thu Aug 21,1997.
 Can someone please provide me with
 some information on what I need to do to correct this problem.
 Thanks in advance.
Due to a problem with c0t3d0s3 yesterday, /var/cron... /var/spool/cron
etc were wiped out. But I was able to recover it from the /var/lost+found
directory and from the solaris cd.

Thanks a lot to those who replied :

Jim Harmon
Stephen Harrisii
Luca Pizznato
Dennis Evans
Peter Allan
Matthew Stier
Rodney C. Marable
Craig Robertson


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