SUMMARY: ntp question

From: Ed Jones (
Date: Thu Aug 21 1997 - 07:34:03 CDT

On Mon, 18 Aug 1997, Ed Jones wrote:

> I have compiled version 3-5.90 of ntp to synch both HP and SUN
> times together. I have 3 machines operating as peered time servers,
> and they are operating correctly. I am attempting to use ntp
> broadcasting to sync clients on the local subnet. The broadcasting
> function appears not to be working. The clocks on two test sparcstations
> drifted about 6 seconds from the time server's time in just 4 days.
> xntpdc -p on the client shows the two time broadcast time servers,
> but at stratum 16! They are really operating at stratum 5. Could
> someone take a look at the ntp.conf files below for something that
> I seem to have missed? Thanks in advance.

I had a few replies saying that ntp broadcasting either didn't work,
or was such a pain in the posterior that it wasn't worth it. Most
people suggested using the client polling method where each client
asks the server for its time. I will probably employ this method for
the time being, with the hopes that I can get ntp broadcasting working
in the future. Thanks for the help.

Ed Jones

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