SUMMARY: System hangs, Help!

From: Wozniak Chris (
Date: Wed Aug 20 1997 - 20:16:28 CDT

My query (or should I say cry for help :) ):
> Managers,
> I've set up the Sparc Ultra Enterprise 3000 recently. It's to go on line in a
> week's time, but now it started to hang!!!
> The hardware:
> Sparc Ultra Enterprise 3000,
> 512 Mb of RAM
> 2 internal 2Gb disks
> 2 Sparc Storage Arrays 100
> DLT 4700 tape drive
> 2 Sbus SPI (Serial/Parallel Interface) cards
> 1 Sbus RS 449 HSI (High Speed Interface) card
> The software:
> Solaris 2.5.1 Hware 4/97
> Veritas Volume Manager 2.3
> HSI Link 2.0
> X.25 Link 9.0
> Setup:
> boot disk on c0t0d0
> alternative boot disk (clone, NOT MIRRORED) c0t1d0
> 16 mirrors in SSAs
> After the client did some tweaking of routing and X25 the system:
> after "shutdown -y -g0 -i6" shuts down, comes up part of the way, then
> hangs, when the vertical bar spins (kernel load) after Sun Copyright
> message, before "VxVM starting in boot mode" message.
> Nothing can budge it after it hangs, I have to switch it off and it
> won't boot again from that slice.
> What I tried:
> Booting up off clone. Fsck'ing the boot disk - no problems reported.
> Copying the clone root slice onto boot disk - works OK, but after I
> installed the routing and X25 stuff it happens again.
> Whe I shut it down to 0 level and bring it backup thouhg it works OK.
> Any hints, suggestions ????? Please !
> Chris Wozniak

brought only two answers,

Many thanks to:
   Jim Harmon
   Glenn Satchell

Before I used their advices I've managed to find the cause of the problem. As it
came out the client tweaked more than just X25. He unwittingly copied the time
zone set up statement from an ICL machine and stuck it into the /etc/TIMEZONE,
instead of following the Sun's way of setting Timezone thruough
/usr/share/lib/zoneinfo files. Why should it hang the boot without any sort of
error message is a dark secret.
I'll advise the client to have all the patches mentioned in Glenn's reply

Here are the replies:
Reinstall the routing and X25 after restoring the boot image, but before
rebooting, go to the startup scripts and rename the routing and X25
scripts so that they don't run.

Reboot, then run the start scripts for routing/X25 shile using the "tail
-f" command in alternate windows/terminals to observe the syslog and
messages files.

Use another window and use whatever monitoring tools you have for
networking, and what I suspect you'll find is that the routes are
looking for something that doesn't exist, and you're hanging while the
route process waits for a net responce.

Jim Harmon The Telephone Connection Rockville, Maryland


Have you installed the patches for the X25 and HSI products?

103268-09 :Synopsis: SunLink X25 9.0 : Jumbo Patch for Intel
101130-12 :Synopsis: HSI/S 2.0: Jumbo Patch

I'd assume that you have already applied the Recommended patches.

If that doesn't help then I'd say that the X25 configuration that has
been tweaked is something that isn't valid and the driver gets stuck
when it starts up. Try 'boot -v' to get a few more messages from the
kernel during boot to see what exactly the kernel gets to before


Glenn Satchell  | Windows:

Chris Wozniak FBA

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