SUMMARY: blocking e-mail access for certain users

From: Mark Tindall (
Date: Wed Aug 20 1997 - 02:56:04 CDT


What I originally wanted to know was is there a way that I could prevent
specific users from accessing e-mail. There were several answers to this but
most were in the agreement that it is almost impossible to prevent a user
sending e-mail if they are clever enough with a quick fix. You could put all
users in a group that is allowed to access e-mail and simply remove those users
from this group that are to be barred. The problem with this method is that is
very time consuming to implement and keep up to date. There are also features
available in Sendmail 8 which can also be adapted for this function. Or the
best solution came from Brain Wood which was to charge users $10 for every
letter sent so reducing traffic to almost 0.
   To prevent users reading e-mail can be done in a number of ways. You can add
aliases to send all their mail to /dev/null or simply just change the
permissions of their mailbox file which stops them reading any mail sent to

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