Date: Fri Aug 15 1997 - 18:06:05 CDT

Thanks for all the respones. We found the problem and it was a
corrupted shadow file, that had another file overlayed onto the
beginning and truncated the end. Booting from cdrom got us in but the
fun part was getting around the veritas system and mounting the disk
which come to find out wasn't that bad either.

This happened due to the system hanging up (due to io-bound processes),
while a write to the vfstab file, and then after staring at the machine
for 30 minutes waiting for the prompt to come back from write to the
vfstab, and impatiantly deciding the system was hung and doing a stop-a
caused this corruption.

Lesson Learned : Patience is a virtue, and stop-a's can be REALLY BAD!

Thanks again for all the responses.

Sean W.


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