Summary:telnet takes a miunute for login prompt

From: Victor Germani (
Date: Fri Aug 15 1997 - 09:34:05 CDT

Thanks to all for the answers. The problem is that DNS is not currently
set up on this machine. I am connecting using the IP address and the
host machine wants to resolve the name of my remote machine. Once we
added the remote machine host name in /etc/hosts the problem was solved.


Original question:
I have a sun system running Solaris 2.5.1. When I telnet to it I get
the connected prompt immediately but it takes almost a minute to get the
login prompt. I have checked the network and the response times seem to
be fine. What can cause this problem?

Thanks to:
Michael Blandford <>
You most likely have a namserver that isnt working. Check your
------------ (Kris Briscoe)
Sounds like CPU cycles may be very low....Have you looked into
 How about available memory? I think it could be that you are CPU
"John Vaughan" <>
A couple of things you'll want to check are TCP wrappers and identd (if
you're running them).
If TCP wrappers can't do their lookup, or it takes a long time, then
they will cause you those kind of problems, ditto possibly with identd.

It's possible there may be a problem with nscd on the machine you're
too - try disabling that and see if that helps.
Bob Bridgham <>
One problem is that you may have ident running on the machine that
you are telnetting to. If so try to run some client that broadcasts a
identity with ident.

The second thing is that it (the telnetted to machine) may not be
able to look up the forward or reverse for your ip/
This may occure more annoyingly if it is running tcp wrappers. If so
have your administrator set up the forward and reverse for your machine
that you are telnetting from.
----------- (D461-Viet_Q_Hoang(0)82572)
Check your NIS/DNS name resolution setup
Something strange with the automounter may be going on, more
specifically a NFS problem. I've also seen namelookup problems
cause this, eg:
you have "xhost +some_system" in your ~/.xinitrc
That system no longer exists.
Your system tries to find it as the window system starts.

Try running snoop while you're logging in, also keep an eye on the
------------ (Sergey Tsvetukhin)
 know this problem :) Remote machine want to resolve your address
  1) set up DNS (or NIS) client on remote machine
  2) add your host to /etc/hosts on remote machine, and correct
/etc/nsswitch.conf on remote machine:
hosts: files

b) if you want to have DNS-client on remote machine correct

hosts: files dns

line "hosts: files" says your SUN get all IP-addresses from /etc/hosts
line "hosts: files dns" says your SUN get all IP-addresses from
/etc/hosts, but if IP-addr not found try to resolve it from DNS
Kamal Kantawala <>
Check and see if dns is working on the machine. That would cause
that kind of problem.

Login and see what /usr/sbin/nslookup yields. And what is the order
of host name resolution in /etc/nsswitch.conf.
Kun Li <>
In most cases there are must be a malfunction in your domain-name
system. check your nsswitch.conf and resolv.conf file , and ensure they
are well configed , and your dns server is alive.
Check your DNS
"Jay A. Cohen" <>
How many systems do you have? Can you do a traceroute from one to
another to see if the problem is with your network or not?

If you have only one system try traceroute anyway and see if it points
out anything to you. If not look at the name resolution of your network.
I take it that you do not have problems logging in directly so I figure
the problem is not on the Sun box itself.
Manuel Gil <>
I've seen the same problem before. The machine you are trying to
connect to is trying to resolve the ip address you are connecting from.
THis takes a few seconds, then it gives up and lets you in. Toe solve
this put the ip address in your /etc/hosts file or make an entry for in
it DNS, or added to whatever name service the machine you are connecting
to uses. That should do it.
please have a look at your nameserver or put both machines in the
/etc/hosts table.

Vic Germani

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