[SUMMARY] NFS Sharing/Autofs

From: chiem@azc.com
Date: Thu Aug 14 1997 - 12:56:29 CDT

In sharing filesystems through NFS, root on client systems was not recognized
as a privileged user. In order to allow root privileged access, the
"root=<machine>" keyword pair must be added to the share command in

Thanks to the following people:

John Stoffel <jfs@fluent.com>
"Peter Utama" <putama@ect.enron.com>
Anthony.Worrall@reading.ac.uk (Anthony Worrall)

My original question was:
> Has anyone been able to share a filesystem using autofs that allows read-only
> access to certain machines, and read-write access to others? I'm using the
> autofs mounting system and this does not seem to be possible for directories
> owned by root.
> For example, I have a /src directory that's owned by root on machine0 that I
> want machine1 and machine2 to be able to mount, but read-only. I also want
> that to be mounted read-write by machine3. My /etc/dfs/dfstab has an entry:
> share -F nfs -o ro=machine1n2grp,rw=machine3 /src
> ..where machine1n2grp is a /etc/netgroup entry for machine1 and machine2.
> My /etc/auto_master file for autofs specifies a direct map, auto_direct. My
> /etc/auto_direct file contains:
> /src -fstype=cachefs,backfstype=nfs,cachedir=/var/cache/src machine0:/src
> Both auto_master and auto_direct are exported through NIS to machine1,
> machine 2, and machine3.
> Now, /src is owned by root on machine0 and exported to the other machines.
> When attempting to write to /src on machine1 and machine2, the error "Read-
> only Filesystem" shows. When attempting to write to /src on machine3, the
> error "Permission denied" shows. Does anyone know anyway around this?

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