SUMMARY: X11 for x86

From: Steve Woodruff (
Date: Wed Aug 13 1997 - 16:50:42 CDT


The winning answer belongs to Dan Mercer (Thanks!).
Thanks to all who replied:

Dan Mercer <>
Hahn Kyu Chung <>
"Brian E.W. Wood" <>
James Noad <>
Daniel Lorenzini <>
Jim Reisert <>
Steve Shepherd <>
"Carrel, Mike - LAS/B1083" <>

My origional question was: Where can i find X11R6.3 binaries for
Solaris x86.

The answer:

I also found out how to setup virtual terminals in x86 (similar to
the VT-switching in linux) that is necessary to run X11 in x86.
This is described on the web site.



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