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Date: Tue Aug 12 1997 - 09:42:25 CDT


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Luca Pizzinato
Greg Price
Brion Leary
Rasan Alreya
Michael Hill
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Tim Evans
Original Question :
> Hello, I was trying to configure anonymous ftp on a SPARCstation 20
> running solaris 20. I mistakely might have changed the permissions of the
> file /usr/lib/ after which the system wouldn't recongise any
> command. I tried to change it back, but the system would respond by
> saying that it cannot read /usr/lib/ I rebooted the system, with
> the impression that it may come back to its original state, but the
> system kept displaying the mesg. that it cannot read /usr/lib/ and
> went into an infinite loop of booting again and again. I used the solaris
> cd to boot and got into the installtool window, where I thought I could
> change the permissions of the file back, by using the following
> procedure: # mount /dev/dsk/c0t3d0s2 /mnt # cd /mnt/usr/lib # <fix it>
> But when I changed to /mnt/usr/lib and checked to make sure that
> was present, there were no files being listed.( No files are present
> under /mnt/usr/lib ). I would be very much obliged if someone could
> provide me with some information on how I could fix this problem. Thanks
> in advance.

> Jeetandra Mahtani
Solution : was present under c0t3d0s6. While configuring ftpd, something
went wrong with, and I had to copy it again from the solaris CD.


                                                  Jeetandra Mahtani

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