AIX and NIS question - Summary/Thanks

From: Ju-Lien Lim (
Date: Mon Aug 11 1997 - 15:38:56 CDT

>I'd like to thank the following people for their assistance:
>Tim Evans
>Joachim Bassmann
>Shane Castle
>Urban A. Haas
>I wrote that I was trying to set up an NIS slave server (on a different
>subnet than the NIS master) on AIX 4.x. This NIS master is running Solaris
>(and NIS). So far, I've mainly HP-UX and Solaris clients/slave servers. I
>was attempting to do the following:
>domainname <mydomain>
>ypbind -ypsetme
>ypset -<NIS_master_IP_addres>
>ypinit -s <NIS_master_server_name>
>I can set it up manually, but I don't really know how to edit the /etc/rc.nfs
>since it's not quite standard... i.e.
> start ypserv /usr/lib/netsvc/ypserv
> ...
> start ypbind /usr/lib/netsvc/ypbind
>I tried commenting out the "start..." and putting in what I wanted to do (see
>above) as well as passing arguments at the end of the "start..." but none of
>it seemed to work. Could someone please enlighten me on the IBM way of this
>"start" function as well as if I'm supposed to be using "startsrc" instead?!?
>Many people suggested using SMIT (the Administration GUI) which I had
>originally tried multiple times with no success... however, I did retry it
>with SMIT after making some modifications to the script that SMIT executes to
>setup the NIS slace (/usr/bin/mkslave), i.e.
> /bin/startsrc -s ypbind -a "-ypsetme"
> /usr/sbin/ypset <IP_address>
>After editing the script, SMIT would setup the RS6000 accordingly.
>Initially, I manually ran ypset localhost to change how the machine binds,
>but now it seems to bind to itself without having to change any scripts.
>Apparently, AIX won't let you bind to the other machine on the other net
>without starting the ypbind daemon with the "-ypsetme" or "-ypset" flags. To
>make the change permanant and use the System Resource controller, issue a
>'chssys -s ypbind -a "-ypsetme"', this should do the trick so that the ypset
>command works.
>I had some suggestions as to modifing the line in rc.nfs so that the
>'ypsetme' option is added to ypbind:
> startsrc -s ypbind -a '-ypsetme'
>Then run your ypinit, followed by
> /usr/sbin/ypset localhost
>This will make your the machine use itself as the NIS server.
>Thanks again to all for their recommendations.
> Ju-Lien Lim

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