Summary: identd and pidentd

From: Josh Kuperman (
Date: Mon Aug 11 1997 - 08:17:05 CDT

Apparently everyone except me, including some people here at the
University at Albany, knows the ftp site to download identd

> The latest version of Pidentd can always be FTP'd from:

Casper Dik, pointed out that only some of the free Unices actually
ship with an identd server. Sun does not ship an identd server with
any of their OS's. I think it is a virtual necessity to have
this. Others, may agree; I simply seem to have been the only person
who didn't know where to find the latest version.

In case anyone is not familiar with identd, it makes it possible to
access both the userid and the machine when using rlogin, rsh, and
other common unix network commands. It is heavily used by
tcp_wrappers. Judging from where the slew of responses came from,
these programs are more popular at academic sites.

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