SUMMARY: setenv DISPLAY to windows 95

From: Mariel Feder (
Date: Wed Aug 06 1997 - 13:36:41 CDT

Wow !! This list is great. Thank you for all the prompt answers and
for the ones coming.

My original question was:

> I have a small C program running on a Sun workstations 2.5.1.
> It is checking for some stuff there, and when it encounters
> a specific situation, sets the DISPLAY to a specific Sun workstation
> running openwindows, and opens a window there to notify something
> to the user logged in.
> Now, I am requested to open the same display in a PC running windows
> 95, and connected to the same network the Suns are, with Novell.
> In that PC there will be people working in their own application, who
> has to be advised that something has ocurred in the SUN.
> How can I do this?
> I know one option is to program in C on the PC and handle it myself
> using sockets.
> But I was wondering if there may be some software or something that
> allows to do it as simply as setting a display (software running on
> the PC or on the Sun will do it).

Almost everybody suggested to install an X-server on the PC
(Exceed, Reflexion, WinTED,XVision Eclipse, Xwin32, XOnNet ...).
The most recommended was Exceed from Hummingbird.
We were already using exceed as a terminal emulation to
run openwindows from the PC.
What I did was to change in the exceed configuration from single window
to multiple windows, and start the X-server on the PC iconized and that
did the trick. After that, it was as simply as setting the DISPLAY to
the PC address and run my program. It works great and everybody here
is happy for the fast solution (especially my boss :-) ).

There were also some other suggestions to download samba which is
able to display on windows 95 with no need of any software on the PC.
I will also try this when I have time.

Thanks to:

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