SUMMARY: sendmail problem: hash map "Alias0": unsafe map file

From: Fevzi Alimoglu (
Date: Tue Aug 05 1997 - 13:03:48 CDT

Dear Managers,

I thank to Stafford A. Rau for his brief and useful reply.
The poit was to start with an empty aliases file. Then,, after running
newaliases, I replaced it with the real aliases file, and I run newaliases


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Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 10:35:34 -0700
From: "Stafford A. Rau" <>
To: Fevzi Alimoglu <>
Subject: Re: sendmail problem: hash map "Alias0": unsafe map file

You probably will receive lots of replies for this, but just in case
not, you need to create empty database files before running
newaliases for the first time.

touch /etc/mail/aliases.db or /etc/mail/aliases.pag and /etc/mail/
aliases.dir depending on which database format you're using.

I thought this was to be fixed in 8.8.7, but it looks like not.

Stafford A. Rau Senior Systems and Network Administrator Norm Thompson Outfitters Inc.

> Dear Managers,
> We have recently installed sendmail 8.8.7 on our Solaris 2.5
> machine. Sendmail has been compiled with the new Berkeley
> DB, (-DNEWDB and -ldb) and without -NDBM.
> We have db 1.85 installed on our system. makesendmail install
> working fine. However, when we tried to build the new aliases
> database, we received the following error messages:
> hash map "Alias0": unsafe map file /etc/mail/aliases: Permission denied
> WARNING: cannot open alias database /etc/mail/aliases
> Cannot create database for alias file /etc/mail/aliases: No such device
> It also gave warnings complaning the permissions of some other files:
> /etc/
> /etc/mail/
> /var/
> /var/spool
> I fixed them, but I still get the message above!
> I have also deleted the old /etc/mail/aliases.pag and .dir files
> I fixed them, but I still get the message above!
> Could anyone say something useful?
> Thanks
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