SUMMARY: Ethernet dies abruptly.

From: Stefan Puscasu (
Date: Mon Aug 04 1997 - 20:12:15 CDT

The original question was:

> On two computers, the ethernet interface stops working randomly.
> This means: Other computers cannot ping (=no response) the broken ones,
> also from those ill computers I cannot ping others. Static routes, class C
> addresses, `ifconfig -a' and `netstat -rn' show the same thing before and
> after the etherface stopped working. Reboot seems to be the only way
> to reestablish the communication. The `watch-net' prom command still
> reports a lot of good packets (=dots)!

The solution (found by miself) was:

Move the computers to a cooler room!

Other solutions (none worked, since it was a hardware problem):

Charles Holbrook: Check for a correct arp entry, and if it isn't there try
                  arp -s hostname a:b:c:d:e:f pub
Casper Dik: Look at patches 103244-03 and 103903-03
            Put the line cable-selection="aui"; in /kernel/drv/le.conf
Seth Rothenberg: Check if other machines use the same IP Reset the interface with ifconfig le0 inet ...

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