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Hello sunners,

I gave up on that one :-(. I called Plaintree and they told me that the
drivers and the programs are within the bootp package (here a HP product).
The bootpd daemon is called only on request this is why I should kill -1
the inetd daemon when I modify the bootptab file. Eventually I will
try this with another hardware than the Plaintree product and we will

Thank you anyway to: (KG-Chenthil Kumar)
Glenn Satchell <>

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Here is the original post:


Hello Sun gurus,

I have a bootp server (Sparc 20 - Solaris 2.5) that uses the bootpd daemon coming from hp jetadmin. For now we only configured our HP printers to use this daemon and everything works fine.

Today, I would like to use the same bootpd daemon to configure a Plaintree WaveSwitch 100. And that, does not work at all!

After modifying the /etc/bootptab file, creating the configuration file for the switch (put into /usr/tftpboot) and killing -1 the inetd daemon, nothing happens when I reinitialize my Switch.

I snoop the ethernet card on my bootp server, see the BOOTP request coming from my switch but do not see any response from the server.

Is there someone that use the bootp daemon coming from HP jetadmin to configure devices that are not HP printers?

What do I do wrong?

Help me please! I will summarize!

Here is a section of my bootptab file:


# My printer (that work correctly):

hpprint:\ :ht=ether:\ :ha=0800292b3dc2:\ :hn:\ :ip=\ :T144="hpnp/hpsun.cfg":\ :vm=rfc1048:

# My switch that do not work: aragorn:\ :ht=ether:\ :ha=0040723d3d21:\ :sm=\ :hn:\ :ip=\ :T144="aragorn.cfg":\ :vm=rfc1048: ...

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