SUMMARY: Re: HP LaserJet 4M+ and lpr

From: Mark `Hex' Hershberger (
Date: Thu Jul 31 1997 - 09:49:15 CDT


> We're running several workstations at various patched levels of Solaris
> 2.5 (kernel version ...-03 & ...-08 on the machines we're having trouble
> with).
> We have a HP 4m+ hooked up to the network, and we aren't using the
> JetDirect software, but are using the lpr support that is built into the
> printer. Here is the setup script we use to enable the printer for
> a particular machine:
> cp /cs1/solaris2/files/filter.table /etc/lp/filter.table
> chown lp:lp /etc/lp/filter.table
> lpsystem -t bsd hplj4m
> lpadmin -p hp4m -s hplj4m -T PS -I postscript
> enable hp4m
> accept hp4m
> This will work, but occasionally we find that lpsched dies or quits
> responding. It quit the other day on our SS5 (Solaris 2.5) a couple of
> minutes after reboot. Here are some log messages from /var/lp/logs/lpNet:
> 07/02 17:28:19 p 170 <none> Starting lpNetParent.
> 07/02 17:28:19 p 170 <none> Initialized & Polling.
> 07/02 17:28:19 p 170 <none> build info: 01/17/97:11:40:05
> 07/02 17:28:24 p 170 <none> Started child for hplj4m, pid = 193
> 07/02 17:28:36 p 170 <none> ERROR: class=NonFatal, type=Internal,
> trace=(LpExecEvent), Broken lpExec pipe.
> 07/02 17:28:36 p 170 <none> ERROR: class=Fatal, type=Internal,
> trace=(LpExecEvent), Cannot recover.
> 07/02 17:28:36 p 170 <none> Abnormal process termination.
> Similar messages show up on other machines that lpsched has died on.
> Can anyone help me identify the problem? It looks like either the HP or
> the Sun box is cutting the connection off short (the HP probably?) -- does
> this indicate that we should stick with the JetDirect software? Anybody
> out there got an idea of what is happening?

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Additional Info:

        We have an HP 5m that is hooked up to the network similarly, and
        it doesn't exhibit the same problems.

I got one useful reply, but it didn't solve the problem, so if anyone has
a solution (besides using the JetDirect software -- we will if we have
to), please let me know.

Thanks to:
        Francisco Amaro <>

His reply follows my .sig.

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 Mark `Hex' Hershberger `\< New Orleans, LA (
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From: Francisco Amaro <>

 This doesn't help, but I seen this happen with a Unisys 9214, on a
 Windows NT 4.0 server. My not so good workaround was a crontab
 to keep tabs on lpsched. But sometimes it got messed up and
 ended up doing more bad than good...

 This was a clean 2.5 on a SS1000. The printers we're ok, I could
 print from Windows and Ultrix machines with no problem. In fact,
 when I started working in that place the Unisys was tied to a
 DEC 5000/200, not to Windows.

 I think this a lpsched problem, not a printer/server one...
 Oh, and it is a nice way to fill my case, about
 8 Mb/day of messages...

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