SUMMARY: E-Mail/Sendmail

From: Tony Clark (
Date: Wed Jul 30 1997 - 06:11:22 CDT

     My original question concerned identifying where the header
     finished and the message body started.
     And the answer is that the message header starts with the word
     From and finishes with the first emtpy line. (I guess I've been
     using unix too long to expect it to be that simple) thanks to all
     those who replied on that one and to Jon Bidinger who kindly
     forwarded a copy of RFC-822 for some light bedtime reading.
     Other suggestions were to use procmail to filter the incomming
     e-mail, which I will look into if is saves re-inventing the
     wheel, although once I can seperate the header and body I can
     scan for the fields that I need., process the contents of the
     body and do a proper reply.
     Thanks people.
     Tony Clark
 RAM Mobile Data Ltd.

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