SUMMARY: Disk drive from SS5 to Ultra

From: Matt Reynolds (
Date: Tue Jul 29 1997 - 09:25:51 CDT

Original problem:

  We have a disk drive that can be fitted to a Sparc 5, which we
wanted to fit to our Ultra 2.

Solution (of sorts):

  Sun *do* sell an upgrade kit, but ONLY if you buy the whole
package. We found it impossible to purchase the upgrade for the drive
bay separately. Yes the drive IS compatible with the Ultra, it's
simply a case of getting it to fit the drive bay and being adequately
supported when it is in the drive bay. We're looking at getting
something fabricated to do this. (It's not a complex fitting, just a
couple of 'runners' along the side of the drive to allow it to slide
into the drive bay at the correct height for the connector slot at the
end.) It seems that the SCSI id's for these drives are set according
to which bay it is connected to inside the machine. On the Ultra it
sets ID's 0 and 1, whereas on the SS5 it would take either ID 3 or 1.

  Thanks for this information go to Jens Fischer (

  Upshot? The drive may be on the second hand market soon...



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