Summary -DUplex printing on HP LasetJet 5m

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Date: Tue Jul 29 1997 - 04:22:22 CDT

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        Matthew Stier <>
        "Karl E. Vogel" <>
        Jan Barte <>
        Richard Skelton <> (I. Prijoto - GeoQuest Jakarta)

The total memory required to print a letter/A4 size page in duplex in 600 dpi requires
10 MBytes and there is only 6M on the LaserJet 5M at the moment. So there is 2 options in
order to print in duplex:
1) Reduce the printer resolution to 300 dpi;
2) Increase the printer memory

We opt for option 1 while we wait for more memory.

I tried to config. a HP LasetJet 5M to duplex printing and encoutered problem.

The printer has got the duplex option installed and is connected to the network through
the jetdirect card. The printer was config. with the lastest jetadmin from HP ftp site.
The interface file for the print queue has been updated by changing the options=$5 to
options=duplex. There was no problem when printing text file. The file was printed in
duplex mode. However the file was printed on single-sided when it is a postscript file.


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