SUMMARY: Solaris 2.5.x and DHCP

From: Sun Manager Account (
Date: Mon Jul 28 1997 - 05:07:08 CDT

Hi all,

Sorry about the delay in posting the summary... And, yes I
checked a FAQ but it was not recent and did not have anything
on DHCP.

A lot of people provided pointers regarding what I have to
do to configure DHCP in a Sun system.

Despite the bad things a lot of people have been saying lately
regarding this list, I still think it is wonderful to have a place
where Sun users, from beginning to very advanced, can share their

Thank you very much everybody!

Fernando Dias

Here are the replies I got:

From: Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>

>Does anybody know how to have Solaris 2.5.x act as a DHCP server.
>I need this to have Solaris automatically assign IP addresses to
>remote clients using ppp over ISDN.

I'm not sure if you need DHCP for that; teh PPP server should be able to
specify an address for the connecting client.
The client will not use DHCP, instead it will use PPP to negotiate an address.

The FAQ maintainer cheated and added this to the FAQ:

+4.14) Where can I get BOOTP/DHCP for Solaris?

    Solaris 2.6 ships with BOOTP/DHCP support.

    Software for Solaris 2.5/2.5.1 is available from Sun's website.

    Click on the license agreement form (after reading it) and download
    the SUNWdhcsr and SUNWdhcsu packages. You'll also need to
    install SUNWfns, but that's a standard part of Solaris 2.5
    provided only for completeness.

    --- end of excerpt from the FAQ

From: (Celeste Stokely)

You need DHCP server software running on your Sun to make this happen.
I have a list of several at

..Celeste Stokely, Unix System Administration Consultant
  Stokely Consulting, 211 Thompson Square, Mountain View CA 94043 - Voice: 415.967.6898 - FAX: 415.967.0160 - Home of Unix Serial Port & Sysadm Resources

From: "Peter Utama" <>

I am using a Solaris 2.5.1 box as a DHCP server, w/ real time update to NIS and
DNS. The package we use is Join DHCP from Competitive Automation
The DNS/NIS integration is a homegrown software that we wrote ourselves. It
works real well serving about 400 Solaris/SunOS boxes.

If you wish to use a public domain package, I tried one also, but the client
parts didn't work very well for Solaris/SunOS clients. I can't remember the
name of the package. Look around, if you still can't find it, I may be able to
find it in my old files.


From: "Tony C. Wu" <>

A recent summary I sent to sun-manager list, hope this helps.


>From Mon Jul 21 23:36:46 1997
Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 10:58:05 +0800 (CST)
From: "Tony C. Wu" <>
Cc: Ying He <>
Subject: SUMMARY: DHCP Server
Followup-To: "Tony C. Wu" <>

Thank you all who replied.

Mainly, there're 3 packages that does DHCP+BOOTP

1. CMU bootpd patched with DHCP extensions,

2. Sun's ISS,

3. ISC DHCP, [http://{ftp,www}]

I stick with CMU's bootpd, coz we already have an existing bootpd running and, maybe I am wrong, Sun's ISS doesnt seem to be able to do static ip assignment.

From: Renny Koshy <>

On Mon, 21 Jul 1997, Sun Manager Account wrote:

> Does anybody know how to have Solaris 2.5.x act as a DHCP server.

I am currently doing this using a modified version of "BOOTP". Please email me if u want the sources. I run it on 2.5.1 on x86

>From Mon Jul 21 19:04 BST 1997 From: David Schiffrin <>

Sun's got a 'solstice' product that does this, there's also one at There is at least one more free one. I've never used any of them.

>From Mon Jul 21 19:34 BST 1997 From: "Coffindaffer, Virginia" <>

THis is from last week's Sun Managers:

1. Benjamin Cline: "I've got the Sun DHCP server (included with Sun"s free Internet Server Supplement Kit) installed here and it works fine." 2. Matthew Stier: "Sun has their own DHCP server and the freeware reference server is available from in the directory /pub/dhcp(Actually" 3. Mailing list: You may join or send mail to

>From Tue Jul 22 01:04 BST 1997

Hi, I am currently working on setting up a DHCP server which is supposed to support both bootp and DHCP, it can be found at the ftp site : in the directory : /pub/dhcp I have version 5.14 but no doubt it has moved on since then.

You may wish to join their mailing list at or send mail to

I can't say whether this is a good dhcp server or not as it isn't in production yet, however it is free and it claims to be upholding dhcp standards.

I've had it running several times briefly under Solaris 2.5.1 and it appears to do the job.

>From Tue Jul 22 03:04 BST 1997 From: (Greg Price)

Here is the FAQ I found: I tried one of the public domain implementations yesterday and it appears to work.

The FAQ pointer is:

>From Tue Jul 22 23:04 BST 1997

In your message dated: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 15:51:08 BST, your pithy ruminations on <Solaris 2.5.x and DHCP> were: => Hello hard working Sun admins, => => Does anybody know how to have Solaris 2.5.x act as a DHCP server.

Once again, please check the list archives before posting questions. This has been asked and answered many, many times.

You need the CMU Bootp server with the dynamic (DHCP) additions. Get the version modified by Doug Hughes (search on the net, the archives, and the cmu bootp e-mail list)'s much more stable.

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