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Date: Mon Jul 28 1997 - 00:11:53 CDT

My query was:

> On a Enterprise 2/200 with a Multipack I set up a RAID of 11 2.1Gb disks using
> SDS 4.1. How should this perform compared to a normal disk?
> Here is what I am seeing when copying a 11Mbyte file:
> from RAID to RAID 8.5 seconds (same file system)
> from RAID to disk 1.3 seconds
> from disk to RAID 7.5 seconds
> from disk to disk 1.5 seconds (different file systems)
> To me this looks like the RAID is three time slower to write.
> Read performance looks similar for RAID and normal disk. Dump reports 2363
> KB/Sec from RAID and between 1168 to 2785 KB/Sec from the various disks.
> Is this normal? What can I do to improve write performance?

The short answer is:

- Because Solstice Disk Suite does RAID 5 in software, there is a small overhead
in calculating the parity on write. This doesn't affect reads. Opinions vary on
how much of a performance hit you get with writes from RAID 5, but most say

- The optimum number of disks in the RAID is 5. More disks reduce performance. I
am using 11. :-(

- Having 12 disks (11 in the RAID + 1 hot spare) on 1 controller hurts

The unusually slow performance I am seeing is a result of the combination of
these things.

To improve performance I could:

- Use a hardware RAID solution. (costs money)

- Make two smaller RAIDs and concatenate them. (lose a little disk space)

- Put in another controller and put half the disks on it. (costs money)

- Use striping + mirroring. (lose lotsa disk space or costs money)

- Alter the interleave.

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