Two-headed CDE with an interesting twist...

From: Jason Marshall (
Date: Thu Jul 24 1997 - 15:17:42 CDT

In regard to my request for information on making a 2-headed CDE
machine appear to function as a single 'screen' wide-headed one, here's
the responses I got. Unfortunately, none of them were simple and cheap

Thanks go to:

Richard Skelton <>
Steve Butterfield <>
Matthew Stier <>
Jim Harmon <>
Johnie Stafford <>


Richard Skelton <>:

I have heard of a system called BigX but it's slow from the reports I have.


Steve Butterfield <>:

We resell a window manager which does just that - In fact it can treat
any numbet of monitors as one large display. The product is called Quadrate
If you want further details then please mail

jm: unfortunately, my email to Steve hasn't been replied to yet, so I don't
     know any of the details on this product.


Matthew Stier <>

I've seen this done on one system.

The user ported Xvan to Solaris 2.5.1 and got it to work. Xvan is
available from the contrib directory on


Jim Harmon <>

I don't know about CDE explicitly, but NT acts that way by default.
The "treatment" is to make one screen a "master" and the other a
How you do that is a mystery to me on CDE.
Hope the suggestions helps point to an answer tho...


I have wanted the same for some time but was told
that I had to run Windows NT for the feature. Your
findings would be appricated.


Johnie Stafford <>

AFIK you can't do it with Xsun. We have had some luck with Xvan on the
TurboGX series graphics cards. Xvan doesn't support the Creator 3D
cards. For that you will need some thing like X-BigX.

Xvan is available in the contrib directory at It was
somewhat difficult to get working with X11R5, but it can be done. It
was developed for R6. X-BigX is a commercial package from
X/Software. I can't find their URL, but you should be able to do a
search for BigX and find them.

jm: Note that has NOTHING to do with X-BigX. Oops *8-)
     The X/BigX solution looks very nice, but at $1200 it's more than
     we were willing to spend (bummer, it looks like something neat to
     play with!)


Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.


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