SUMMARY: Solaris/Microsoft TCP/IP bug

Date: Fri Jul 18 1997 - 08:38:46 CDT

My original question was that my boss had seen a magazine article that (in
his words) exposed a bug in the Solaris stack when accessed by Microsoft
clients. Regardless of whose stack is buggy, the net effect is a slowdown
on the Solaris server side. Sun is readying a patch for the problem, and
says it will be available "very soon".

Here's a URL for ZDNet that gives a brief explanation of the problem, but
without any technical details. As best I can make out, Sun and Microsoft
are both pointing the finger at each other -- Sun claims Solaris' stack
implementation is standards-based, while Microsoft's is "crude".
Microsoft says that their stack works with everybody elses stack without
exhibiting this problem. I imagine it's a little bit of both.

I got a lot of responses, from "Never heard of it" type things, to one from
Rachel Polanskis who gave me the URL. Thanks to all. At least now I won't
seem completely ignorant to my boss!

P.S. Stuff like this is a great incentive to join the list again!

Doug Apel
Unix Administrator
Omnipoint Corporation

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