SUMMARY RE: Encripted Telnet ?

From: Alex Lattanzi (
Date: Fri Jul 18 1997 - 02:21:33 CDT

Thanks to everyone who took some time to respond.

Scott McDermott
Kai O'Yang
Keith Chiem
Kamal Kantawala
Davis Schiffrin
Chrostopher E. Olaes
Philip Plane
Chad L. Cook
Lewis E. Wolfgang
Mark `Hex' Hershberger
John Justin Hough
Culley Roy
Cagri Yucel
Steve Franks
Mika Tuupola
Paul Gregg
David Stern
Tim Henrion
Rich Snyder
Chrostopher L. Bernard
Jim Beers
Pascal Gaudette
Matthew Stier
The UNIX Mighty!
Michael Blandford

Everybody suggested the ssh, which is free for UNIX and $99 for Windows
Where to look ??

Thanks again to everyone to be so kind in assisting me and all the managers
in the list.

Lic. Alejandro Lattanzi
Internet ImpSat

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