SUMMARY: prob w/ scsi disks

From: Chuck Campbell (campbell@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM)
Date: Thu Jul 17 1997 - 13:46:29 CDT

thank you to all who responded.

Second, there was a typo in the posting that was NOT in the vfstab, the
vfstab was correct, and the problem was real.

Interesting solution to the problem, and a new learning experience for me.
The disks were all partitioned with slice 0 at 30Mb, slice 1 at 100Mb,
slice 2 covering the entire disk, and slice 6 everything left after the
130 Mb came out from above.

I was about to throw in the towel, run newfs on all four disks, and restore
from the 6 week old backups, when I tried to mount the other partitions
just for grins. I mounted slice 0, and I saw the data that was supposed
to be there. hmm... I tried to mount slice 1, and had teh same
filesystem not of this type error message, very interesting.

I tried to mount slice 2 (the whole disk), and it mounted! All the data was

It appears that whoever set up the disks originally, ran newfs on the whole
disk partition slice 2, not on slice 6. Is this legitimate? It certainly
stumped me for a while.

I ran backups of all four disks, ran newfs on slice 6 of each of them, and
restored the data to them. All is well, and no data was lost. I certainly
would not have guessed that this would have been done this way.


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