From: saeed abubakar (
Date: Thu Jul 17 1997 - 12:05:40 CDT


        I am very grateful to all those of you who replied to me.

        The problem was solved when I exited 2 shells, and was about to
shutdown the machine when I checked the available space and the /tmp was
down at 3%.

        I am specialy grateful to the following people;

Culley Roy <>
Renny Koshy <> (Mark A. Baldwin)
Gary Franczyk <> (Niall O Broin) (Marc S. Gibian)
Rich Kulawiec <>
Rahul Roy <roy@bluestone.COM>
"Kevin M. Woods" <>
Michael Pavlov <>
"Rodney C. Marable" <>
"Rick von Richter" <>


Saeed Abubakar
System Engineer
Cyber Internet Services (Pvt) Ltd.

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