SUMMARY: rpcbind not starting

Date: Wed Jul 16 1997 - 19:50:33 CDT

I got a few answers back, but in the end I wound up just nuking my
installation and starting over. Since I've reinstalled, I haven't had any
problems. The RPC services all start up normally, and I've got NIS and DNS
behaving themselves.

Thanks to Celeste Stokely, Dan Penrod, and Glenn Satchel for their input.
Dan apparently had a similar but not quite the same problem. His rpc
processes was starting but would apparently hang. His problem turned out
to be that the network card was being set for multicasting with an
NIS+-only option. Incidentally, I was getting the same message (plain yp
environment for both of us). Since I reinstalled, I'm not getting the
message about multicasting anymore.

P.S. I noticed on Sun's webpage that they say 2.6 is already shipping....
Anybody confirm that for x86?

P.P.S. Where do Solaris x86 admins like me go for source and/or binaries of
software? This is my first foray into Solaris x86.

Thanks for the fast responses.

Doug Apel
Unix Administrator
Omnipoint Corporation

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