SUMMARY: Sun Soft Prin Client

From: Mariel Feder (
Date: Wed Jul 16 1997 - 14:20:04 CDT

Hello to everybody.

It took me quite a time to send this summary, because the problem
was not easily solved.

My original question was:

> Environment: Solaris 2.5.1
> Nis +
> We have an HP Network Printer.
> After installing it, I converted the printer definition to
> /etc/printers.conf with the command conv_lp.
> Then I followed the manual instructions:
> 1- created the fns domain with fncreate -t org org//
> 2- i tried to load into the NIS+ database the printer with
> the command
> fncreate_printer -f /etc/pritners.conf
> thisorgunit/service/printer
> The object was created under fns but when I start solstice adminsuite,
> and go into Printers Manager, the printer is not there, but if I try
> to create a printer with that name it says that it already exists.
> Any ideas?

The right answer came from Leonardo Sitongia.

He pointed out that this is a known bug ID 1254887.
The problem seems to be that if you add the printer to the printers.conf
then you can not see it from solstice manager.
The solution should be:
        lpadmin -x<printername>
        funbind thisorgunit/sercie/printer/<printername>
to remove it and then recreate it again by hand:
        fncreate_printer thisorgunit<quename> \

Doing this, the clients can access the printers all right, but I still
can not see them from the solstice printer manager.

Also it is possible to define the printers directly through solstice
printer manager, and that's the only way I found to see them from there.

But that only works for printers attached to the workstations directly.
We also have some HP network printers, that if installed just adding
them from solstice printer manager, will not print anything. I had to
install those printers using the jetadmin software, and then run
fncreate_printer..., but this way, I can not see them from solstice
printer manager. However, the clientes are able to use the printers
withouth problem also.

Finally I decided to use SSPC but not from Solstice Printer Manager, but
from the command line, and wait for the bug to be solved.

Thanks to all those who answered:

        Leonardo Sitongia
        Dieter Gobbers
        Anthony Worrall


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