Summary: Sparc5 won't boot from local disk

From: Jerry Cunningham (
Date: Mon Jul 14 1997 - 06:37:51 CDT


Thank you all very much for your responses - I thought I was going
crazy! The solution is:

The diag-switch? was set to "true", causing the machine to boot from the
diag-device, which was set to "net". (I don't know how this happened,
the machine was fine for 2-3 weeks).

I know you've all heard this before - but this is a _great_ list - I had
8 responses within an hour!

Thank you very much,

Jerry Cunningham

Thanks to (there's so many of you, I have to include your names here):

Steve Simitzis, Jerry Springer, Noah Vawter, Darryl Levesque,, Steve Williams, Arthur Darren Dunham, Sean
Ward, Benjamin Cline, Daniel Lorenzini, James Musso, Marcel Chukwunenye,
C.Kumar, Parks Fields, John Malick, Bismark Espinoza, Sanjaya
Srivastava, D. Ellen March, Deane Moore, Charles Holbrook, Matthew
Stier,, Ric Anderson, Casper Dik, Steve Butterfield,
Chien Sang-Chang, Gnuchev Fedor, Russ Poffenberger, Greg Price, Erik
Janssen, Glenn Satchell, Jens Fischer, and Torsten Metzner!


original post:

I have a Sparcstation 5 that I can't get to boot from disk. When I do a
printenv at the console prompt, it shows:

boot=device disk disk net

But whenever I do a reguler old "boot", it tries to do a boot from
the network, and i get an ARP error:

Boot device: /iommu/sbus/ledma@5,8400010/le@5,8c00000 File and args:
Automatic network cable selection succeeded : Using TP Ethernet
Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet
Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet
Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet

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