SUMMARY: Ok to put 4Gb Diskpack disks into my SSA110?

From: Fletcher B. Cocquyt (
Date: Fri Jul 11 1997 - 07:53:00 CDT

Yes, it is OK to have the 4Gb disks in the SSA110, providing you have
an up to date power supply:

"Coffindaffer, Virginia" <> wrote:

It depends on your power supply.  The 7200 RPM disk drives consume more
power than the 5400 RPM disk drives. Model 100 Series chassis with older
revisions of power supply (300-1098-03 or -02) may require an upgrade to
revision -04.  If a tray contains eight or more 7200 RPM disk drives, an
upgrade to the -04 supply (order number 540-2465) is necessary.  All
disks coming from Sun these days are 7200 RPM - since March.  You need
to know what type of power supply and disks you have in the 110.
THis is right out of Sun's Price List Manual.

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Original Post:

>     Is there any reason why the 4Gb disks can NOT be used in
> a model 110 Sparc storage array?  (ie will it draw too much power,
> overheat and melt the whole array)
> I want to replace the 2Gb disks ST32550WC with ST 34371WC

I've decided to just add a Multipack to the machine instead
of messing with the SSA.

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