Appropriate Messages for Sun-Managers

From: John DiMarco (
Date: Thu Jul 10 1997 - 11:01:47 CDT

Fellow Sun-Managers,

I've noticed a fair amount of bickering back-and-forth recently about what
sort of messages are appropriate for this mailing list. It is true that
there appears to have been an increasingly large number of questions asked
to the list that are answered in the FAQ, Sun's answerbook, or in the man
pages. Although these are legitimate questions, they are not appropriate for
this particular list.

The reason for this is simple: Sun-Managers is not moderated (because making
it moderated would increase the response time). Hence the only practical way
to ensure that the amount of traffic is kept to a reasonable level is to ask
the list-members to co-operate in making sure that only appropriate messages
are sent to the list.

Appropriate messages should have all the following characteristics:

        1. They should be about Sun system management.
        2. They should not be answered in the manual pages, the FAQ, the
            Answerbook, or other widely available sources. If you are not
            sure, please check the man pages, the Answerbook, and the FAQ
            before asking the list.
        3. They should be either a question or a summary of replies to
            a question.
        4. They should be questions that require quick turnaround. If the
            question does not need to be answered quickly, please post it
            to one of the Sun newsgroups instead.

For more details, see the Sun-Manager's policy, at:

and the Sun-Manager's FAQ, at:

Sun-Managers has successfully operated under this policy for many years,
because of the responsible and mature co-operation of list members. I hope
this will continue. Please remember that your fellow Sun Managers may
include your colleagues, your boss, your customers, your users, your
subcontractors, your future boss, etc. What you say and do on the list
should not be something you would be ashamed of later.



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