Summary: Automated File Transfer using ftp or other

From: Craig H. Barker (
Date: Tue Jul 08 1997 - 11:30:39 CDT


Original question:

> Sun Managers:
> First, let me begin by saying I have researched the documentation and read trough
> the sun-manager archives and was unable to find exactly what I am looking for....
> That said:
> I need the ability to do automated overnight file transfers from two SPARC stations
> each running Solaris 2.3.
> I have looked at compiling wuftpd but that does not seem to accomplish my mission.
> If anyone has an idea for me, I would appreciate it greatly. As usual I will summarize.
> Thank You,
> Craig


Thank you all for the quick response. The answers were numerous. Some
people suggested writing script files utilizing ftp with a ~user/.netrc file for the
user wishing to perform the transfer. This is a very good cheap solution.

Others suggested using a product called expect from
This software seems to work very well and is easy to compile as well.

Others even suggested rcp and other remote execution programs. I have not
yet tried these because the first two solutions worked so well.

Special thanks to all who replied. The list is long, but here'tis:

Gautam Das
D. Ellen March
Cynthia Shang
Scott McDermott
Reto Lichtensteiger
Tim Carlson
Leonard Sitongia
Shriman Gurung
Frank Pardo
Michael Pavlov
Chris Tubutis
Jose Castillo
Cristopher Barnard
Tim Evans
Duane Larkin
Trey Valenta
Claus Assmann
Christopher Haggard
Keith Willenson
David Schiffrin
Dale Wiles
John Bradley
Phil Barone
Mark Bergman
Milt Webb
Philip Plane
Karl Vogel
Marc Holloway
Paul Gregg
Marina Daniels
Bismark Espinoza
Graeme Robertson
Jeff Wasilko
Pom bajar
Frode Stromsvag
Torsten Metzner
Urban Nilsson
Niall Broin
Luca Pizzinato
Dave Staggs
Victor Dias-Fernades
Nelson Jose
Dave Plummer
Michael Clarkson
Tim Fritz
"System Administrator"

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