From: Luciano Freire - Estagiario do Lab da Pos-Graducao (
Date: Tue Jul 08 1997 - 07:43:44 CDT

Dear Sun-managers

 I used the "/bin/ld" command and it resolved my problem.
  ********** THANKS A LOT TO : *******************
  * *
  * Chad L. Cook *
  * Russ Poffenberger *
  * Casper Dik *
  * Dave Haut *
  * *

 You helped me very much!!

---------------------------- PROBLEM -----------------------------------

           I installed the patch file #100173-13 (NFS jumbo patch) in my system (SunOs413 -
Sun4c).I built a new kernel after installing this patch( it was necessary ). I configured my new kernel and executed the make command that gives me the message:

 " loading vmunix
   ld : unrecognized option -p
   make: ***[ vmunix ] ERROR 1 "

I used another "make" from /bin/make ( tip by Dave Haut ), but the same message is issued.
My machine exported some files to diskless clients, but because the export/swap
partition was presenting disk errors, I deactivated it (by commenting out the line that
mounted in the fstab file). Do you think that by deactivating the /export/swap partition,
I can't rebuild the kernel or the message I'm receiving has nothing to do with this partition?

         Please, help me!!!! (I'll summarize)
         Thanks very much.


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