Summary: COMMON LISP f. Solaris

From: Hans Schaechl (
Date: Mon Jul 07 1997 - 05:58:20 CDT

Dear SM's,

my original question:
> anybody knows about a recent version of a
> COMMON LISP derivative which compiles ok under
> either SUN cc 4.0x or gcc 2.7.2 _and_ runs
> under Solaris 2.5.1 ?
> Also a hint to find pre-compiled binaries is
> welcome!

The answers: (Philip Plane):
The Gnu common lisp builds and runs with Solaris & gcc. (Lawson A S):
You could try Kyoto Common Lisp. It's a full lisp but no development environment
or anything so flashy. (Anthony Worrall)
The Poplog environment comes with Common lisp (also prolog, ml, and pop11)
it runs on Soalris 2.5.1 and will link iwth SunPro and gcc compiled binaries.
See and

I want to thank all who replied to my question!

But I had no luck with GNU or Kyoto Common LISP in combination with
SUN-cc 4.01 and/or GNU-gcc 2.7.2.
So I looked around once more and found a Common LISP derivative called
CMU Common LISP at

It also comes with precompiled binaries for SPARC under Solaris2.x
and SUN-OS4.1. The most recent version is 18a which also supports the
UltraSPARC platform (17f did not!). I tested it on a dual-proc SPARC-20
and on a E4000 and it runs ok.
Other binaries are available for MIPS/IRIX, x86/FreeBSD and ALPHA.

Thanks again,

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