SUMMARY - Duplicating a workstation

From: Niall O Broin (
Date: Fri Jul 04 1997 - 02:11:38 CDT

I asked about the problems involved in replicating a sun4m workstation onto
a sun4u workstation. The overwhelming response was "Don't do this". The first
response I read along these lines was from Casper who pointed me to n different
things which I hadn't thought about. Vicky Lau actually does do what I wanted
and she had taken account of all of Casper's gotchas - lots of architecture
dependent packages etc.

However, as I just purchased the Jumpstart book (Automating Solaris Installations
 - A Custom Jumpstart Guide by Paul Anthony Kasper & Alan L. McClellan - Sunsoft
Press/Prentice Hall - ISBN 0-13-312505-X) I'm going to bite the bullet and read the
damn thing :-) My main reason for not doing this in the first place was that there
are quite a number of things on the sun4m machine which have been refined over a
period, and I wanted to copy them the quick way.

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Niall O Broin

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