SUMMARY: bind 4.9.6 - beware of what?

From: Marina Daniels (
Date: Thu Jul 03 1997 - 17:23:19 CDT

Thanks to :
        Casper Dik
        Claus Assmann
        Parthiv Shah

and any one that replies after I send this.


I am about to replace Sun's version of BIND (4.9.3-P1) with bind-4.9.6.REL.tar
on a Solaris 2.5 box that also acts as a mail server and news server.
I remember reading a summary about this where Casper Dik had warned people not
to install all the binaries it produced but I can't find it in the

***QUESTION: **** What was it we had to avoid? replacing some solaris 2.5
library? And why was it a problem?

(BTW I am aware that there is a new version of BIND -8.1.1 - but I've decided
not to install it yet - it has completely different configuration files and I'm
been busy teaching people how to do my job so changing the system half way
through is not an option :-)
*** If anyone has tried the new version, what are your thoughts on it?

************** SUMMARY ****************************************

from Casper (what to watch out for):

There's two things you must not do:
        - do not replace /usr/lib/ or .so.2
          you shouldnt' install a shared version of from
          bind or some stuff may get seriously confused.
        - don't install any of the include file under /usr/include
          (or you will have a hard time compiling anything at all
          under Solaris)

from Pathiv (what to watch out for):

You will have to install everything at /opt/local/ this way you do not
interfere with any solaris default binaries/libraries.
And you will run in.named of /opt/local and not of /usr/sbin everything
should work fine with you.
I am running it right now on ultra 1 with solaris 2.5.1 and I have installed
all binaries at /opt/local/bin or /opt/local/sbin while libraries at
/opt/local/lib and include files at /opt/local/include etc.. and everything
works great with my setup.
I am running Solaris 2.5.1 I have not tried with Solaris 2.5 but it
should work with out any problems.

from Claus: (comments on the new version 8.1.1)

I installed it on my (SunOS 4) box. It works fine, and the only thing
to change is from named.boot to named.conf (and the startup). Since
there is a script which does this, it's no problem...
The only thing I added was to switch off logging of "lame server" and
"... points to a cname".

Thanks again,

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