SUMMARY: tape problem

Date: Wed Jul 02 1997 - 20:25:26 CDT

Dear Sun-manager.

My orginal question:
> I moved my ADIC VLS 4mm tape drive (it is a tape autochanger with dual
> Sony 4mm tape drives) from my SunOS system (Sparc1+) to a Solaris system
> (w/ Ultra 1), and I used tar command without success:
> # tar xvf /dev/rmt/0n
> tar: tape read error
> (the font panel of the tape drive did give me a signal indicating that
> the system is trying to access it)
> And the msg on the console:
> st4: Fixed record length (512 byte blocks) I/O
> WARNING: /sbus@1f,0/espdma@e,8400000/esp@e,8800000/st@4,0 (st4):
> Error for Command: read Error Level: Fatal
> Requested Block: 0 Error Block: 0
> Vendor: SONY Serial Number: 97066F1755
> # mt -f /dev/rmt/0 status
> SCSI tape drive:
> sense key(0x0)= No Additional Sense residual= 0 retries= 0
> file no= 0 block no= 0
> I have already did the 'boot -r' before, and the system created the
> drivers under /dev/rmt directory. After several attempts on doing 'tar'
> command, I even deleted the files in /dev/rmt and did 'tape' to re-make the
> driver. It still doesn't work.
> One interesting thing is under OK prompt, when I type 'probe-scsi-all', it
> will keep hanging there without further display. I have to power off both
> the Ultra 1 and the tape drive first, then power on the Ultra 1 (without power
> up the tape), do a probe-scsi-all to reconize the internal disk drive, and
> finally power on the tape drive, and the probe-scsi will show the two tape
> drives and the autochanger. There is no target number conflict.
> The above probe-scsi situation also happend on my old Sparc system but no
> problem for the backup. The scsi connector of the tape drive is a Centronics
> connector and I use the same cable which it worked on my old Sparc system to
> the Ultra 1 system.

Thanks for Mark Steph, Ada Chan, Joel Lee, swee-chuan khoo, and Stefan to
reply my question. I do have scsi terminator and no scsi target id conflict.
The final solution is I cannot use the /dev/rmt/1 driver, instead, I need to
use the driver as well as the backup software Quick Restore from Workstation
Solution company (tape backup software vendor). I loaded the software from
a Sun tape drive of the other system, and ftp the tar file I made to this
Ultra 1 system.


Lincoln Chang
Philips Semiconductors

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