SUMMARY: Sending mail w/ Subject header forced

From: Ed Sanborn (
Date: Wed Jul 02 1997 - 07:05:36 CDT

Thanks for all the reply's. The answer is to use the '-s' option.


cat message | usr/ucb/mail -s "Enter subject here" esanborn

Original question:

I am sending data to someone in a script via piping it to /usr/ucb/mail.
I want to have 'something' in the Subject: header. Right now it
is blank. Is there an easy option to /usr/ucb/mail? Should I use
procmail instead?


cat blah.blah | /usr/ucb/mail esanborn

Edward A. Sanborn             Director of Information Technology  
HealthGate Data Corp.        (617) 321-6000 x.236
380 Pleasant St., Suite 230
Malden, MA. 02148   

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