UPDATE: openwin problem

From: jem@electriciti.com
Date: Fri Jun 27 1997 - 16:51:22 CDT

Thanks again to all who responded. Here is a list of contributors:

From: Joel Lee <jlee@thomas.com>
From: "Fagnon, Raymond" <FagnonR@cadmus.com>
From: btirg@ui.uis.doleta.gov (Roland Grefer)
From: Jens Fischer <jefi@kat.ina.de>
From: dhaut@level1.com (Dave Haut)
From: Tony Clark <tonycl@msi-uk.com>
From: john benjamins <johnb@Soliton.COM>
From: "Rodney C. Marable" <marable@firefly.net>
From: Michael Pavlov <misha@ml.com>
From: thomas.frank@shraero.shraero.co.at

All the suggestions helped me get a bit closer to the real problem.
It did turn out to be some corrupted libraries. As mentioned, the
disk had crashed a while back. At the time, we did not have the
means to recover from backup tape. I just copied the files from a
known "good" box. Everything works fine now. Thanks again!


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Still having the problem. I will do a complete summary later when I
get this up and running (if I do! ;-)

Some people suggested checking /tmp permissions. No problem there.
Exact same error when I attempt to do this from root.

Does not matter what the options are. Does not matter what the
environment is. Does not matter what the user is.

Now for some additional information. A while back, this machine had
a bad disk crash (aren't they all bad =). Some libraries were
missing. The ones that were missing appear to have been replaced
okay. I am going to check some more, but it is difficult to figure
it all out.

When I do an ldd on xnews on the good box, it comes back just fine.
When I do this on the bad box, I get the following error:

ldd: xnews execution failed due to signal 10

What exactly is happening here? This may be the cause of the whole
problem. How do I fix this? I ran ldd on all binaries in /usr/openwin/bin
and xnews is the only one with the problem.

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