SUMMARY: Where is mbuf.h?

From: Steffen Kluge (
Date: Thu Jun 26 1997 - 20:28:39 CDT

There is no mbuf.h in Solaris. It is a BSD relict. When it is referred
to in header files (or more precisely, when struct mbuf is referred to)
then only in code sections that aren't used anymore.

Thanks to Casper for pointing that out to me. Thanks also to Chris who took
the time and came up with streambuf.h (among the gcc includes) :-)

PS Somehow I was under the impression that Solaris would maintain
compatibility with SYSV *and* BSD (like Digital UNIX - hint, hint ;-)
I'm cured now...

Thanks for your time

Steffen Kluge <>
Fujitsu Australia Ltd
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