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From: Kevin Warren (warrenkb@aom.bt.co.uk)
Date: Thu Jun 26 1997 - 03:20:39 CDT

Robert and others,

Thankyou for your apology. For your information I have copied the
relevant sections from the welcome message you should have received when
you subscribed to the list.

It is my opinion that you are not alone in breaching the rules of the
list and I and others are becoming increasingly tired of it. This
mailiing list is for specific technical problems with Sun machines that
cannot be resolved by simply reading the manual. Many many people are
posting all sorts of rubbish and as a result some people are
unsubscribing. This to me is a great loss, because one such departee
was a SUN engineer and I would rather have him on the list with his
technical knowlege and experience than some user who posts requests for
help converting postscript files to GIF!

My apologies for attaching the long information that most of you
received and read already. However, just how many more people will post
ADD/REMOVE requests to the list address?

This mailing list is currently a very valuable resource to me. If I
have to continue deleting 40-50 messages of rubbish PER DAY then I too
will unsubscribe.

<snip from welcome message>
> Welcome to sun-managers. You or someone acting on your behalf sent a
> request to the sun-managers maintainer asking to be added to this
> mailing list. You are now on that list.
> This introductory message contains three sections: Introduction,
> Summary of Charter and Rules, Frequently Asked Questions. Please read
> every section thoroughly and save this message for future reference.
> Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions or
> corrections about this message, please send them to "lefebvre@dis.anl.gov".
> ----------------------------------------
> Sun-Managers Introduction
> Here are the relevant Internet mail addresses for sun-managers:
> sun-managers@ra.mcs.anl.gov submissions
> sun-managers-request@ra.mcs.anl.gov requests to be deleted & added
> Before sending a request to be deleted from the list, check with your
> local "postmaster" to see if you are receiving the messages via a
> local redistribution alias. If you are, then your local postmaster
> can remove you from the list far more effectively and quickly than I can.
> This list is NOT moderated! Anything mailed to the submissions address will
> be echoed to everyone on the list. Every potential poster is on his or her
> honor to not abuse this list! Messages sent to this list are NOT archived.
> Please DO NOT mail "please remove me" requests to the submissions address!
> The sun-managers mailing list is intended to be a quick-turnaround list
> primarily for people who maintain Sun computers. It's primary purpose is to
> provide the manager (by "manager" I mean computer and/or network manager)
> with a quick communications channel to other Sun managers, so that s/he can
> draw on the collective experience of the large body of Sun system managers.
> Please remember that many people have copies of sun-managers messages sent
> straight to their personal mailboxes. Messages need to be held to a
> minimum. Therefore, discussions should also be held to a minimum. This
> list is not intended to replace sun-spots---it is intended to complement it.
> To help hold down unnecessary messages, a specific policy has been adopted
> regarding the posting of questions and their answers. A person who sends a
> question in to this list is expected to collect, summarize, and post the
> answers to that question. In this way, all readers may benefit from the
> answers. A "summary" is not merely a concatenation of all responses: at
> the very least duplicate answers should be filtered out, and some
> information on the results of the original posters implementation of the
> suggestions would also be beneficial. The Subject line of the message
> containing the summary should start with the word "SUMMARY". It would also
> be nice if the original poster kept a copy of this summary in case the
> question comes up again in a few months.
> Similarly, ALL ANSWERS to a question should be sent ONLY TO THE ORIGINAL
> POSTER. They should NOT be CC-ed to the entire list. PLEASE take the time
> to double check your reply to insure that the list will not receive a copy.
> This is the best way to hold down the traffic in this medium.
> ----------------------------------------
> Sun-Managers Summary of Charter and Rules
> Last updated: 16 December 1992
> This message is a summary of the sun-managers charter and rules.
> Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in severe
> chastisement by the list maintainer and other list participants.
> Changes from previous versions of this message are indicated with
> change bars to the right of the message.
> 1: This list is NOT moderated! Every message that is sent to the list
> will be passed on to every member of the list (with a few small
> exceptions).
> 2: Requests to have addresses added or removed from the list should NOT
> be sent to the entire list. Instead, they should be mailed to:
> sun-managers-request@ra.mcs.anl.gov
> 3: This list is intended to be a quick-turnaround trouble shooting aid
> for those who administer and manage Sun systems. Its primary purpose
> is to provide the Sun manager with a quick source of information for
> system management problems that are of a time-critical nature.
> 4: Answers to questions are to be mailed back to the questioner and are
> NOT to be sent to the entire list. The person who originally asked
> the question has the responsibility of summarizing the answers and
> sending the entire summary back to the list. When a summary is sent
> back to the list, it should contain the word "SUMMARY" as the first
> word of the "Subject" line.
> 5: Discussions on ANY topic are not allowed and will not be tolerated.
> If you want to discuss something, take it to the newsgroup
> comp.sys.sun.admin or alt.sys.sun (see below).
> 6: If it is not specifically related to Sun system management, then it
> does NOT belong on this list. Requests for vendor recommendations
> are tolerated, provided that the hardware in question is something that
> system managers normally purchase.
> 7: Requests for software (free or otherwise) should be limited to
> software that is directly related to Sun SYSTEM MANAGEMENT ONLY.
> 8: Read the appropriate manuals BEFORE posting, including the "Read
> This First" documents. Often times the manuals contain answers for
> common problems.
> 9: When including a traceback from a system panic, make sure that it is
> a SYMBOLIC traceback. Numeric tracebacks (the ones included as part
> of the panic message) are totally useless. Read chapter 22 of the
> SunOS 4.1 system administration manual to learn how to produce a
> symbolic traceback.
> 10: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...Think before you send a message! Ask yourself
> "is this really appropriate?" There are enough other newsgroups
> and mailing lists around to cover the marginal topics. Perhaps there
> is another forum that is more appropriate. Check the list of Sun
> specific newsgroups included in the next section. Perhaps your
> message would be more appropriate there.
> If after reading all the guidelines you decide that you still want to
> send your message to the entire sun-managers readership, then mail it
> to the address "sun-managers@ra.mcs.anl.gov".
> Other forums that relate to Suns (please mail me corrections and
> additions to this list):
> Newsgroups (accessible via "rn", "readnews", "nn", etc.):
> There is now an entire heirarchy devoted to Sun equipment:
> comp.sys.sun.admin Sun system administration
> comp.sys.sun.announce Announcements pertaining to Sun equipment
> comp.sys.sun.apps Applications that run on Suns
> comp.sys.sun.hardware Sun hardware (and clones too, I think)
> comp.sys.sun.misc Miscellaneous
> comp.sys.sun.wanted Sun stuff to buy or sell
> Other newsgroups that may also be of interest:
> alt.sys.sun may not be available everywhere
> comp.sys.sun newsgroup equivalent of sun-spots
> comp.sources.sun Sun-specific sources (not very active)
> Mailing lists:
> Sun-Nets: networking sun workstations
> sun-nets-request@uunet.uu.net add requests
> sun-nets@uunet.uu.net submissions
> Sun-386i: discussion about the Sun 386i product
> sun-386i-request@ssg.com add requests
> sun-386i@ssg.com submissions
> Suns-at-home: discussion about maintaining Sun2/3/4/4c
> systems at home
> suns-at-home-request@orchestra.ecn.purdue.edu add requests
> suns-at-home@orchestra.ecn.purdue.edu submissions
> Auspex: managers of Auspex NFS file servers
> auspex-request@princeton.edu add requests
> auspex@princeton.edu submissions
> Epoch: managers of Epoch NFS file servers
> EPoch Users Forum (EPUF)
> epuf-request@mcs.anl.gov add requests
> epuf@mcs.anl.gov submissions
> NOTE: if you wish to be added to one of the above mailing lists,
> send mail to the REQUEST address! Do not send add requests to the
> main address!

> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject: 1.4) What should I keep in mind when posting to sun-managers?
> o VERY IMPORTANT! Before you post, read the sun-manager's policy, which is
> available for anonymous ftp from ra.mcs.anl.gov in /sun-managers/policy.
> o Sun-Managers is a huge unmoderated mailing list. Every message you send
> will be passed on to every member of the list. This means you get access
> to a much larger audience when you need help, but it also means you can
> embarrass yourself in front of a huge number of people, most of them
> professionals in your field, including colleagues, peers, and possible
> future employers.
> o Sun-Managers is completely voluntary. Nobody is required to help you.
> We are all cooperating by sharing our knowledge. Accept with grace
> whatever responses you get, and don't hound people if they are helpful or
> they won't be the next time.
> o Sun-Managers is not the list to use when you run out of other places to
> post. Job postings, PC questions, X questions all have their own lists
> and newsgroups. Use _only_ the appropriate list or newsgroup for such
> things, not Sun-Managers. Inappropriate postings will only make people
> annoyed at you.
> o The more information you give about a problem, the easier it is for
> others to help you. This doesn't mean you should uuencode the kernel and
> post it, but you should include your OS version, your hardware, and all
> relevant symptoms of your problem. Unless the request is of a general
> nature, the output of "uname -a" is almost certainly helpful.
> o Be generous. If you have the information requested (especially if it is
> obscure) then please respond. You may be the person requesting help
> next time.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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