SUMMARY: sendmail 8.8.5 configuration

From: Mark Tindall (
Date: Thu Jun 26 1997 - 04:42:30 CDT

My original question:

> I am pretty new to sendmail and am at the moment trying to
> upgrade our old sendmail (SMI-8.6) to sendmail 8.8.5. [...]
> My main problem is converting our old
> file to the new m4 format. What is complicating
> matters a little is the fact the we use a central mail
> server with all other hosts forwarding their mail to it for
> delivery. Could anyone suggest any way that I could convert
> these files and possibly give examples.

I recieved lots of advice from people - too many to mention here - who have
suggested various things. One thing that came up was to jump straight to
sendmail 8.8.6 as it contained many fixes to holes and bugs apparent in 8.8.5.
   Another popular concept was to do away with my old .cf files and simply
create new ones using the m4 macro package, as this would be much easier and
less likely to have bugs.
   What was what I finally chose to do was use 8.8.6 and use the m4 package to
create the .cf file, and after a number of attempts to create the this
file, I have finally managed to create an installation that seems to work.

Thanks to everyone who helped.

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