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From: Ying He (
Date: Tue Jun 24 1997 - 09:33:05 CDT

original question:
> I have done pretty much configurations and installed softwares, then i found
> my root partion are start at cly 504 instead of cyl 0 ?
> does root partition has to be started at cly 0?

The answer is:

it should not have problems.

Stephen gave this suggestion

> Do you think it may cause potential problems in the future?

        None that I can think of - as long as the filesystem is okay
        and you have the PROM set to look for the bootblock and kernel
        there. ( I think that this is all done automatically when
        you do the install.)

        Having said that ...
        The only problem is with humans - we are used to seeing the
        bootblock and root partition at slice 0, and if the PROM is
        reset to defaults, it too will revert to slice 0. If it was
        my machine I would reconfigure it just to prevent me from
        making a mistake at a future time when I may not remember that
        this machine is different than any of the others.

I think he is right. I am reinstalling now.

thanks for: Dave
   Chris Spencer

Thanks again.

Ying He

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